Home Remedies To Treat Chlamydia Naturally

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If you are havin chlamydia, just do not easily go to a doctor because, in fact, you can treat chlamydia naturally with some home remedies. Chlamydia is actually a disease caused by a bacteria named Chlamydia trachomatis. This disease can be categorized into a sexually transmitted disease because it is commonly transmitted by sexual activities. The fact is that chlamydia is one fo the most popular sexual disease in the United States with one million people having it there. This disease is not very serious even though the myth says it cannot be cured. Even so, having this disease can be an embarassing experience for anyone and the longer you keep it, the higher possibility that it can cause a permanent effect on your body. More often than not, antibiotics can be one of the most powerful option to cure it. Fortunately antibiotics is not the only option that you can take for treating chlamydia. In fact, there are some home remedies which can treat chlamydia naturally, too. Here is some of home remedies which are proven effective in treating chlamydia well. Take a look.

First Option : Garlic

Are you surprised already? Well, garlic is not only useful for cooking ingredients, but it can also used for treating chlamydia. Even though many people have not been aware of this fact, garlic is one of the oldest home remedies which are proven effective in treating chlamydia. It is mainly because garlic contains some chemical substances which can kill the bacteria causing the chlamydia, such as antiviral, antibacterial substance, and antibiotic. More of than than not, most of the people have not been very comfortable for using garlic for treating a sexually transmitted disease like chlamydia, but is works! So, you have to try it. You can eat one to two gloves of garlic on a daily basis from now on and feel the improvement in your body.

Second Option : Olive Oil Extract

The second option which you can use to treat chlamydia is the olive oil extract. This kind of extract can be used for treating chlamydia in many forms, such as  an extract, a salve, a powder, or even a leaf. The good news is, no matter what form you are taking for your condition, the result is relatively the same. Olive oil extract is very effective in treating chlamydia because it can strengthen your immune system toward the bacteria infection. It contains oleuropein which can directly kill the bacteria. Because of that fact, you need to apply this extract directly to the infected area.

So, that is some home remedies which you can use to treat chlamydia naturally easily and by yourself. Source: Wikipedia


4 Treatments on How to Get Rid of Herpes

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What Is the Process of STD Testing- Different Manners and Types

How to get rid of herpes becomes an action to conduct to cure the herpes. Herpes is a type of skin disease caused by virus. Herpes virus is attacking peripheral nerve so that it leaves pain. In addition to appear pain when there is wound, the pain will be felt by sufferers, even when it gets dried. Herpes is a kind of infectious disease. So, you have to be careful to have physical contacts, and you might experience some itches that caused by fungus/fungal (check out
for more info to beat fungus) when you get herpes outbreak. Below is how treatment to get rid of herpes naturally

Curing Herpes Naturally

Herpes is actually divided into some kinds based on the causes including simplex herpes, zoster herpes, genital herpes, and labial herpes. Herpes is a kind of disease caused by virus. One of the curing treatments is applying natural cure. You may take antibiotic to relieve herpes. Because virus becomes the main cause of herpes, you should kill it. The treatment for every type of herpes is actually different from each other.

Consuming Drugs

One of the easiest ways on how to rid of herpes is consuming drugs. If you suffer herpes, you can consume pain relief drugs categorized to be NSAID or non steroid anti inflammatory disease. You may also implement calamine powder or phenol zinc lotion. It is possible to consume asyclovir drugs. Those drugs can be bought in the drugstore. If you suffer labial herpes, it is recommended to gargle with the water and antiseptic.

Bathing with Antiseptic Water

When you are attacked by genital herpes, you may take potassium permanganate. It is black powder in which it is mixed with the water turning into red. The permanganate is dissolved with water and then added antiseptic. You should use the water to bath in which you should make sure that all body areas are soaked in the water. You may also consume drugs to cure herpes to maximize the function of antiseptic water.

Doing Anticipating Actions

After you have conducted those treatments, it has no functions well without doing preventing actions. You should not scratch the herpes area because it is getting spread widely. It is also not allowed rubbing it with towel. The bad action makes worse your herpes condition. You need to manage your eating habit. If you have an allergy of a certain food, try stopping to consume it. The cure process is never optimal without taking a rest. You should take a rest in order that your body feels fresh and avoid stress. A healthy body helps you to cure the herpes quickly. Those are some ways on how to get rid of herpes.


True Facts of the Ups and Downs of Free at Home STD Test

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It is quite logical if you are embarrassed about having to get an STD test with other people being present in the room, even your doctor. If this is your first time experience, I can imagine how nervous and embarrassed you are. But don’t worry, there are always other ways to do the test. That’s why we have home kit test, where you can get free at home STD test within your own convenience and comfort.

Technology and its advancement has made it possible to shy people to perform their own test, from pregnant test to even cancer screening. There are definitely perks of having such method – especially from comfort and privacy. You don’t feel judged and you can do everything on your own. You don’t depend on other people’s schedule and you are free to do the test whenever you are ready and you wish to accomplish it. You don’t have to worry about being groped or poked – although it isn’t about that in reality. It is safe to say that the home kit STD test is most about your own convenience and comfort.

free at home STD test

Despite all the good stuffs, you also need to be aware of the possible flaws. You see, none of these home kit tests is 100% accurate. There is always a possibility of failure; no matter how small it is. It is possible that you experience the so called false positive condition, when the result is positive but you don’t really have it – or the false negative condition, when your result is negative, but somehow you know that you have the symptoms. If you want to be a 100% sure, always consult your doctor. Sometimes, you may be required to undergo another clinical testing at doctor’s office. This is one of the reasons why people are reluctant in using the home kit test because they think what’s the point of having one if they have to undergo another procedure under doctor’s guidance?

You can always limit the possibility of mistakes and failure if you consult your doctor before performing the test. Ask them what kind of test is appropriate for you – and if you have the symptoms, be frank and describe them to your doctor. On the contrary to what people believe, doctors won’t ‘force’ you having to undergo the test with them or at their office. They will be able to provide guidance of what kind of test you should take, including precautions that you should be aware of. Don’t leave your doctor out of it as they can provide assistance and guidance.

we have home kit test, where you can get free at home STD test within your own convenience and comfort.

When you finally decide on buying a home test kit, here are the things you should do:

  • Check on the kit. Don’t buy it when the seal is broken or even damaged.
  • Buy the kit with CE mark. The mark means that the kit has passed the standard regulatory requirements, so it is safe and it should work properly when used correctly.

If you are still worried or concerned even after performing the test, go to your doctor. It is better to consult them and spend more money than putting yourself into risks.


How to Get Tested for STDs

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The decision whether you should have STD test or not is very personal and private; it totally depends on you and your own comfort. Most people think that they don’t need the test because they don’t have any symptoms or health complains, but that’s the main problem with most STD issues: they don’t develop any symptoms at all – or the symptoms will be visible later on when the condition is severe enough.

get tested for STDs1

You probably undergo STD test for many reasons, such as:

  • You often perform unprotected sex; either without using any protection or with different and random strangers
  • You suspect yourself from developing any symptoms, although you aren’t really sure about it
  • You are sexually active with different people. Although you may know them, do you really know their medical history and background?
  • You suspect your partner (or at least one of them) suffer from STD or even developing a symptom.
  • You simply want to learn more about STD so you can be careful and precautious about your sexual life and activity.

Whatever reasons you have, you can request for a test by going to your doctor. Or if you are embarrassed about getting yourself checked or being judged by others, you can have a personal STD home test kit or have the online checking. It will protect your privacy and you can do the test within your own comfort and convenience.

Getting Tested

Keep in mind that most sexual infections don’t develop any signs until it is too late. If you aren’t careful or you are simply ignorant, you can get infected without knowing it and then transfer it to other people. However, when you suspect the symptoms – which include penal or vaginal discharge, genital warts or sores, burning sensation, or itching – the decision to get yourself checked will be easily taken.

Be aware when you are actively engaged in sexual activity without using any protections, including dental dam, regular condom, or female condom. Even when the result is negative, it would be better to really understand about your condition than wondering whether you are healthy or not.

get tested for STDs

How to Get the Test

If you are wondering how do you get tested for STDs, you should ask for it first. Most people have this wrong concept that they will be automatically tested for STDs when doctor find something wrong with them – and this is totally the wrong concept. If you want to get tested, ask your doctor to perform it. Or if you prefer the online method, simply contact them and tell them that you want to be tested. Dealing with home test kit is easier because you simply buy one if you want to get tested.

If you get yourself checked and your doctor fined suspicious condition, they will likely ADVISE you to take the test; not directly order the test and have you undergo the process. You see, STD tests are very personal and somewhat intimate. Your doctor doesn’t have any right to order any testing without you asking for one, so if you find yourself in a situation where you are asked to undergo the test against your will, you have the right to refuse and file a complaint.

Even if you are in doubt whether you should have the test or not, simply ask and consult your doctor. You can tell them about your condition, suspicion, and others and they should be able to provide guidance and recommendation of which test you should take. Don’t be afraid of doctors; they are here to help you and provide the right guidance. You should be comfy and feel that you can talk about anything with them.

If you are new to this and you don’t really know which test to take, leave it to your doctor. They will ask you some questions, covering:

  • Your sexual activity – do you use protections or not, how many sexual partners you have, which parts are used during the sexual activity, and such thing
  • Whether you develop a symptom or not. If there is any, you will be asked to describe it
  • Whether you have had a past symptom
  • Whether you have positively suffered from any STDs
  • Whether you have used any medication to treat the symptoms
  • Whether you suspect your partners from having STDs or whether you are sure that they have one
  • Whether you have drug allergy problem
  • About your last period, to check whether it is possible that you are pregnant

Different Manners of the Tests

There are several different options of how to do the tests, such as:

  • Blood sample. The most common one is to draw a certain number of blood, but it is also possible that your doctor only needs a little so they prick you to get several drops.
  • Physical examination. Your doctor may have visual checking to see signs of sores, rash, discharge, or warts. It is also possible that they may have genital swab or anus swab.
  • Saliva, cell, tissue, or discharge sample. This is usually included in the physical exam.
  • Urine sample. You will be given a small cup and ask to urinate into it.
  • Aside from physical exams, doctors may ask about your symptoms and ask you to describe them. When they are sure, prescriptions can be made right away. But if they aren’t sure, they usually require you to undergo physical exams where they have to send the sample to lab.

get tested for STDsDifferent issues require different testing methods, such as:

  • The test includes blood test, oral swab, or even urine test (but this is quite rare)
  • Bacterial Vaginosis. The test includes vaginal discharge test and pelvic exam
  • The test includes blood test only.
  • The test includes urine test, cell sample test, physical exam, and discharge test – from urethra, vagina, and anus
  • Molluscum Contagiosum. The test includes cell samples and physical exam
  • Pelvic Inflammatory Disease. The test includes vaginal discharge test, blood test, pelvic exam, and laparoscopy
  • The test includes biopsy, physical exam, and cell sample test.
  • Intestinal Parasites. The test includes proctoscopy and stool sample test.

Learning Stuffs from STD Test Express Review

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In case you want to check yourself on any possibility of sexually transmitted disease and yet you are embarrassed to meet face to face with the medical workers, why not having online STD test? Nowadays, you can make use of technology and internet connection, and be free from any embarrassment. You won’t feel judged or lost; not knowing where to turn.

Learning Stuffs from STD Test Express Review

Among the many types of online testing or home test kit, STD Test Express is one of the best solutions that you can have. If you are still doubtful about the service, feel free to come to the official site and check on the STD Test Express review. You will see that not only you will be given the freedom to control everything based on your wish, you will be assisted by the professionals in the field – without having to spend a fortune!

If you read most of the reviews, you will see that most people are satisfied with the overall service. Not only they can get professional and expert help, they are also free to choose any payment options. The same thing can happen to you if you are willing to try and give it a go. The service is both fast and reliable.

Reasons to Choose STD Test Express

Basically there are loads of reasons why you will love having STD Test Express. First of all, it is very private. If you aren’t comfy with anyone around, including the medical worker, this is the right option for you. Most people are embarrassed having themselves tested because they don’t want to be judged, but be sure that it won’t happen to you. Second, the test result is pretty quick. You can get the result within three business days, so you won’t have to be jumpy or nervous waiting for long test result – which usually happens to other tests. Third, it is pretty affordable. You can choose whether you want to pay with insurance or have out-of-pocket method. If you choose insurance, your spending can go as low as $40, but when you decide to pay everything on your own, be prepared to spend less than $150 – which is still lower when compared to other testing groups.

Learning Stuffs from STD Test Express Review1

There are also some other perks that you can enjoy from this test:

  • You can do everything without having to wait for other people’s schedule. When you are ready, simply contact them and you can run the test immediately. There is no need to wait for the doctor’s schedule or make appointment beforehand.
  • You can be comfy with the whole arrangement. There is no more waiting in doctor’s office and feel others judging you. Everything is done within your own comfort and safe walls.
  • This test is run by professionals since the provider working together with national network of medical workers, so you can get help from the skilled medical experts, including the sexual health professionals.
  • You can get fast ease of mind; no longer wondering whether you suffer from a certain STD or you are completely healthy.

What Is the Process of STD Testing: Different Manners and Types

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You are sexually active and yet you have never been tested for STD before, so what should you do? Easy. Get yourself STD testing and you should find out soon whether you suffer from one or you are truly healthy. If this is your first time in STD testing, you probably want to learn more about what is the process of STD testing.

STD Issue

Not many people understand that suffering from STD is actually quite common, but determining the type of STD test depends greatly on the risk factors and also your sexual habits. It is advisable that you undergo regular STD testing when you are sexually active with different partners. Using protection is a must, as well as getting yourself tested regularly.

Most STDs don’t come with symptoms or signs, so you probably think that you are just fine. But if you are clever and smart, you should know the facts straight and have preventive steps – just in case. Different diseases will result in different symptoms; thus, leading to different testing types too.

What Is the Process of STD Testing- Different Manners and Types

Gonorrhea and Chlamydia

You should get these screens when you are:

  • Under 25 years old and sexually active
  • Above 25 years old and have bigger risks, like having sexual activities with different people or new partner
  • A man who is sexually engaged with other men
  • Positively suffering from HIV
  • Forced to engage in sexual activity

This test can be done to women or men, through cervix or inside penis swab. It can also be accomplished through urine test, which will be analyzed and observed in a lab. These two diseases often times don’t have early signs or symptoms, so having the screen is important.

Syphilis, Hepatitis, and HIV

You should get the screen, if you are:

  • Sexually active with more than one partner
  • Positively suffering from other sexual infections, which makes you prone to other sexual diseases
  • Using IV (intravenous) drugs
  • Planning on getting pregnant, or you are already pregnant
  • A man likes having sex with other men
  • Forced to engage in sexual activity

Your doctor will take blood sample for hepatitis or HIV test. For syphilis, they will take your blood or have genital swabs.

Getting yourself tested (at least once) for HIV is important, especially if you are between 15 and 65 years old. If you have higher risks – for instance, sexually active with different partners or engaged in often one night stand – this kind of testing is crucial.

If you were born between 1945 and 1965, getting Hepatitis C test is recommended since this age group has the bigger risks. You can also get vaccines for hep A and B if you haven’t gotten them or you haven’t suffered from it.

Genital Herpes

It is quite dangerous because it can be easily transmitted even when you think you don’t have the symptoms. If you suffer from blister or ulcer, doctor can take tissue scraping. But even with negative test, it is still possible that the genital ulcer is caused by herpes.

Doctor can take blood test, but different virus types will result in different results. In type 1, the virus is responsible for genital sores or cold sores, while in type 2, the virus is more likely responsible for genital sores. However, you can’t possibly rely on the tests only because the results depend greatly on infection stage as well as test sensitivity. Expect false negative or false positive result. That’s why, getting detailed checking and testing is very important to detect genital herpes. You should also engage in other testing for detailed and more accurate result.

HPV (Human Papilomavirus)

Just like herpes, HPV comes in various types and variants, where one type can cause cervical cancer, while the others can cause warts. If you are very busy and active (sexually) it is possible to get HPV at one point in life, without even developing any signs. The virus generally is gone by its own after within one to two years.

The HPV test is only available for women through genital warts biopsy or visual inspection. No test for men is available. However, HPV is mostly linked to vagina, vulva, penis, throat, and mouth cancer. It is possible to have vaccines for extra protection, but they are highly effective only when implemented before the sexual activity.

The HPV tests generally involve several methods for women participants:

  • HPV exclusive test. There are some different options:
  • Women whose age between 21 and 30 are advised to undergo the HPV test if their Papsmear test turns out abnormal
  • Women whose age above 30 are advised to undergo the HPV test – along with the regular 5-years-period Papsmear tests – when the previous tests showed normal result.
  • Papsmear test, generally checking for abnormal cells within the cervix. The test is recommended once every 3 years, especially for women between 21 and 65 years old.

what is the process of STD testing

Different Types of Testing

You can always go to your doctor to have yourself tested, but thanks to technology and internet, it is possible to get STD testing without you having to feel ashamed or embarrassed – feeling judged by other people. You can always have the STD test kit on your own. Generally, this test requires you to do your own swab or collect urine sample, send it to the nearest lab, and have the result within several days. It has the same basic as online STD testing.

The perk is that you can do everything within your own comfort and you will feel relax. However, if you don’t do it correctly, it is possible that you may contaminate the sample. It is possible that you get false positive result, while you don’t any sexual disease problem in reality, or vice versa.

All in all, you should listen to your guts. When you sense something wrong and yet the result is negative, consult your doctor; or when you know that you are fine and yet the result is positive, get yourself checked. Be smart and wise about the whole thing, and you should learn about yourself in better manner.